Puddle Duck Racer Hull Number 86

My grandson and I built this over his spring break in 2005. We have had it out and it is a blast. But we have yet to get it under sail - making a sail even for a small boat takes a lot more open space than my place has.

Check out the pics and go to the Puddle Duck Racer website.

The Voyage Of The Lotus

An Around The World Voyage by people I actually know! Whoa! I am so honored to just be on their email list! No Kidding! Check It Out!

So, my friends Jerry and Joni, the crew of The Lotus, have caused my dear wife some serious grief and triggered the expenditure of significant sums of money. I watched them realize their dream and wanted to experience just a little of what they were doing. So I bought a small sailboat, then a little bigger one. Then they called me and said "Hey, Richard! Why don't you and your wife come on down to Mexico and do some sailing with us?" So I fixed up the boat, bought my wife a plane ticket so she wouldn't have to endure the road trip down and made plans. My lovely wife had a conflict at the last minute, but I didn't, so off I went. This is the story of

A Sailboat Adventure on the Sea of Cortez

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