The Voyage of The Lotus

These are the voyages of the Sailing Vessel Lotus. Or at least some of them. I'm going to try to accumulate all their updates and put them here along with some pics. Jerry and Joni Reid are totally fantastic human beings, on any level you wish to consider. They are generous, loyal, fun to be around and totally honest. Plus they have heroic resolve. They built, with their OWN HANDS (99% at least) a 42-foot steel sailboat. They commissioned a naval architech to recommend and modify a proven blue-water sailboat design. Jerry had the plate dimensions digitized (you can purchase the numbers if you wish), had them machine cut, brought them home and welded the thing up himself.

The whole gig is like a fantasy. I'll write more about their amazing feats later, for now take a look at the pdf files of their voyage.

March 2005

September 2006

September 2006 A

December 2006