Ode to Dubya
This is a page of links to some stuff I've written over the years. Some of my friends have said they like it. Oddly enough I don't see much of those people anymore, I don't know why. Anyway, if there is something here for you to enjoy I'm sorry for you. It probably means you are terminally bored and desperately seeking any kind of diversion. But that's OK. Most of us are just looking for things to do while we are waiting to die. At least reading this stuff isn't hurting anybody else. And that's a good thing. I suppose that's why I wrote most of this stuff, for the very same reason - something to do while I'm waiting to die.
An old friend died and left me empty. It was only a tree, but it was a tree that had seen a lot of my life. This was my eulogy to it.

Three Little PineCones

Over the last few years I've been in and out of quite a few marinas, from Mexico to Alaska, Seward to Toronto. I've met some very interesting folks, and a few losers. And I've spent a good deal of time with myself on these trips, thought time. I looked at the folks I saw out there and tried to decide whose lives looked good enough for me to use as a beacon. I couldn't decide on that, but I quickly decided what I didn't want to happen. This little piece is an amalgum of a bunch of people I met in passing - and definately NOT where I want to go.


Did you know that the amount of semen in a normal ejactulation from a healthy male contains from 40 million to 600 million sperm? That is how many unborn lives are destroyed every time some girl holds out to the point where some guy has to masterbate to stay sane (don't try to tell me live sperm are not miracles). Makes Pol Pot and Adolph Hitler look like interns, doesn't it?! So, let's carry the "Stops A Beating Heart" concept to the next logical level - organ donation. Probably written in 1992, I can't remember.

A Small Price To Pay