I wonder if the Eagles, when they wrote "Hotel California", had ever been doing business with Earthlink. The line "You can come in any time you wish, but you can never leave" is close to the EarthLink Business Model. Or maybe Sky Dayton liked the Eagles so much he decided to base his business model on it. Who knows?

Anyway, here is my story of an afternoon I spent trying to get unconnected with EarthLink.

My Outcrys, My Outrage, My Chance to help you pass the time if you are really, really bored!
How'd you like to be here (DeadHorse Pass, High Uintas, Utah), 3-days into a 9-day backpack, just you and your dog, and have your boots look like the picture on the right?
"Normal Wear" for Vasque Boots
See how Vasque responded to my request for an adjustment on the boots.
Coming Soon - "Gray Market Cameras - How to save $10 or $15 on a fairly expensive camera and end up with something that you can't get serviced in the US. (and how to tell if they are Gray Market)" Also on the same program, "How to be really careful re Gray Market Cameras and still get one in the UPS (and on your Card Statement) - There was WHAT at the end of the Rainbowtronics.com?"