We are financing the destruction of The United States of America. We are sending butt-loads of money into a region where America is considered the Great Satan, where Western Culture is considered by many to be a threat to their spiritual lives, and where killing is a way of life. We fund the purchase of weapons, the training of operatives who can be sent against us, to bring the battle to our shores. We fund the propaganda machines that continue to drive stakes in the heart in the minds of the people. Venezuela, the Middle East, North Africa - none of htese palces are hotbeds of Love for America. And we are sending HUGE sums of money in their direction.

Transportation fuels account for about 40% of our liquid fuel consumption. We import over half of our oil from foreign sources. Making a dent in transportation fuel consumption would help a lot. Here are some ways.

He Loves To Ride His Bicycle, He Loves To Ride His Bike! Even in traffic on public roads! Ha!

Parker is a Bicycle Transportation Advocate, he has a few remarks for you, now I'll turn it over to Parker.

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