Andrew Jackson seventh president of the United States 1829-1837. b. 15Mar1767, d. 08Jun1845 age 78 years.
Married a woman who hadn't totally divorced her previous husband, got hammered in the press and political circles. Won anyway.
Slaughtered Native Americans in Northern Florida remorselesly , to the point that some mainstream accounts make him seem like a sociopath or perhaps a little beyond.

Kicked some serious butt at the Battle of New Orleans (War of 1812, 08Jan1815). Sent British General Pakenham home in a Rum Cask (he was killed, the disembowled body was packed in a rum cask for transport to England for burial). Accounts vary, but for comparison the British suffered over 2,000 casualties (291 kia, 1,262 wounded, 484 missing or captured,), U.S. forces lost 71 (13 kia, 39 wounded, 19 missing). Packenham had about 8,000 total including some Native American forces, Jackson had between 3,500 and 4,500 combined townspeople, regular forces and slaves.